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Parking Lot ADA Requirements


U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Section

ADA Business Brief:

Accessible Parking Spaces - Fact
When a business re-stripes a parking lot, it must provide accessible parking  spaces as required by the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.       

Did you Know…
Businesses or privately owned facilities that provide goods or services to the  public have a continuing ADA obligation to remove barriers to access in existing parking lots when it is readily achievable to do so. Because re-striping is relatively inexpensive, it is readily achievable in most cases.

ADA Parking Stall Minimum Widths

Car parking spaces shall be 96 inches wide minimum and van parking spaces shall be 132 inches wide minimum. All accessible stalls must have a minimum 60" wide access aisle.  Van parking spaces shall be permitted to be 96 inches wide minimum where the access aisle is 96 inches wide minimum. If you have less than 25 parking stalls the ONE ADA space is required to be Van Accessible.
For more information on ADA requirements, including ADA stall requirements or  signage requirements, give us a call or visit the ADA website



Interior Aisle & Safety Markings

Interior Aisle & Safety Markings


Codes and Standards Related to Electrical Panels 

  • The OSHA standard (29 CFR 1910.303 (g) requires sufficient access and working space around all equipment serving 600 volts or less. the regulations require a mini-mum of three feet of clearance. The width of the working space in front shall be 30 inches minimum or width of the equipment. 
  • The OSHA standard (29 CFR1910.305 (d)) requires a dead front on electrical panel boards. 
  • The National Electrical Code (NFPA 70 110.26) requires a minimum of three feet of clearance for all electrical equipment serving 600 volts or less. 

Interior Aisle & Safety Markings

Interior Aisle & Safety Markings

Interior Aisle & Safety Markings


In-plant striping must clearly show where all permanent aisles, equipment roadways and pedestrian walkways are located. Markings can be any color as long as they clearly define the different areas.


Striping must allow for sufficient clearances when mechanical equipment is in use. The width of the markings must be at least two inches wide, but no more than six inches wide. Aisles must also be at least three feet wider than any equipment passing through it.  OSHA requires that all areas where warehouse striping is placed be kept clean and unobstructed from view.

OSHA & ANSI Colors:

Although there's no set requirements for colors, the following has been adopted as 'industry standard'.

  • Safety Red:  Danger, stop, fire panels
  • Safety Yellow:  Caution, E-panels
  • Safety Green:  Safety, means of egress/walkways
  • Safety White:  Boundaries, E-panels, traffic ways
  • Safety Orange: Dangerous areas & parts of machine