Parking Lot Services

Lot Sweeping

parking lot sweeping

Properly cleaning your parking lot to remove dirt, dust and loose gravel prior to striping ensures that the paint adheres and lasts longer.  

Restriping & New Layouts


Restriping your parking lot is a relatively inexpensive way to refresh the curb appeal of your business. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and local regulations require lines and markings to be visible.  If they are too faded or missing you can get hit with citations from the city.

Specialty Striping:

  • Sport Courts
  • Helipads
  • Airport runways & much more!

Signage & Stencils

ADA handicap signs

  • ADA & Van Accessible signes
  • Parking lot signs & symbols
  • Custom Stenciling
  • Parking lot & highway arrows
  • School & RR X-ing

Parking Blocks & Speed Bumps

parking blocks, speed bumps

  • Concrete
  • Hard plastic/Rubber
  • Multiple Colors to choose from

The plastic/rubber speed bumps are extremely durable and can be easily removed for snow removal or permanently set in place.

Contract Sweeping

lot sweeping, contract sweeping

Contract sweeping for weekly/bi-weekly & monthly sweeping.  All of our sweeping services include blowing off sidewalks, entry ways and complete removal of debris.

Additional Services

Parking lot line removal

Line Removal

If you have unwanted or wavy lines that need to be removed we have you covered!

Trip Hazards & Pot Hole Repair

Do you have a raised concrete trip hazard near your entry way?  Call us ASAP and we will be out there to grind it down and smooth it out!

Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing